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Company Cases is now part of TLOL Suite 3.0.

TLOL SUITE 3.0 - The Complete Tax and Company Law Reference


     CLI has introduced a new series of online editions of all its periodicals separate from the printed edition, starting June 2013. These will be available at and will be accessible by subscribers. All online editions will carry the term "online" appended to the name of the periodical (as for e.g. "Income Tax Reports" would be "Income Tax Reports-Online") and the mode of citation will contain the suffix "OL" as part of the periodical acronym (as for e.g. ITR would be ITR-OL). Our reporting and citation model will be based on our existing print editions with which subscribers are already familiar.

     To ensure authenticity of the online editions, CLI will make print alternatives of these editions available as full volumes against specific order.

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The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016-LS
Corrigenda to The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016
Report of the committee on Taxation of E-Commerce
Computation of book profit for Ind-AS compliant companies --Committed report
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Changes - Direct Taxes Code, 2013
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Discussion Paper-2009
Revised Discussion Paper-2009
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