This option allows the user to make hard copies of content within TLOL Suite™ 3.0 should such a need arise. Selected content can also be added to a list and printed together as a bundle using the Printlist feature. Within For Windows™ 7 and Windows™ 8 users only, , except for CLI-TruePage, all other options will contain the fol­lowing sub-options:

TLOL Suite™ 3.0 will try to preserve the layout of the originally printed pages by following the original line breaks. There will be a one-to-one correspondence of lines between pages printed through TLOL Suite™ 3.0 and the original pages. Any preferences set using “Print Settings” under “Preference and Settings” will be ignored. See Figure 67.

Figure 67: Print: Simulate Original Page



This is the default option. Pages will be printed with lines fully justi­fied. Use this option if you do not wish to preserve the original layout and to save paper. Optimum paper size and margins suitable to your needs can be selected everytime by  clicking on the Page Setup icon on the toolbar on top of the preview window or permanently using “Print Settings” under “Preference and Settings”. See Figure 68 

Figure 68: Print: Justified Format




Preview & Print

  Print   Preview & Print

 Alt + P + P + R

See Figure 69


Use this option whenever there is a need to preview the selected docu­ment(s) on screen before sending it to the printer.

Figure 69: Preview and Print



 The following are the sub-options available,

Simulate Original page

  1.  Click Print   Preview & Print  Simulate Original page.

  2. A window will open showing a preview of the first of the selected pages. Use the right arrow icon to view more pages.

  3.   Click the print icon within the preview window to send pages to printer.

Tutorial with video:


Justified Format

  1.  Click  Print  Preview & Print  Justified Format.

  2. Follow from step 2.    under  “Simulate Original page”.

Tutorial with video:



  Print   Print

 Alt + P + P + I

See Figure 70


Use this option to send the selected content directly to printer.

Figure 70: Print directly to printer



Figure 71: Print options



 For options and procedure see those under “Preview & Print”1 ,2. (See Figure 71).

Simulate Original page

  1.  Click  Print  Print  Simulate Original page. 

  2. A print dialogue will appear with the list of available printers.

  3. Select the required printer and  click Print to send the selected docu­ment to that printer.

Justified Format

  1.  Click  Print  Print  Justified Format.

  2. Follow from step 2.    under  “Simulate Original page” 


  Print   Printlist

 Alt + P + P + N

See Figure 72


Use this option to add and accumulate selected content to a printlist and print them together as a bundle.

Figure 72: Printlist options



The following printing options are availa­ble,

Add to Printlist

See Figure 73.

Figure 73: Printlist: Add to printlist



  1. From the Results Panel select any content. Multiple selections can also be made by placing a check mark in the first column titled Select.

  2. You can follow one of the following steps:

    1.  Click  Print  Printlist  Add to Printlist.

    2. Perform other search operations and repeat step 1.   and a.    to add more content to the Printlist 


    1.  Right  click the required caselaw.

    2. A list of options will be displayed.

    3.  Click on the option  Add to Printlist.

Tutorial with video:



You can follow any one of the following steps mentioned below to view the documents added to the printlist. See Figure 74.

Figure 74: Printlist: Showing available documents



  1.  Click  Print  Printlist  Show to view the list of documents held in the Printlist.

  2. or

  3. Right  click on the selected case and  click on the option  Show Printlist in the “Results List Window”.

Tutorial with video:



 Print  CLI-TruePage

 Alt + P + C or  Ctrl + Shift + Home

See Figure 75 


CLI-TruePage is a unique feature within TLOL Suite™ 3.0 which allows its users to view and print pages which are exact copies of those from the orig­inally printed volumes. For this reason any preferences set using “Print Set­tings” under “Preference and Settings” are ignored.

Figure 75: CLI-TruePage



 TLOL Suite™ 3.0 users no longer have to worry about ruining original volumes from their library when all that is needed are copies of a few pages. TLOL Suite™ 3.0 will access the internet every time this feature is used5.

You can select and view only one page at a time. You can follow any one of the following steps mentioned below.

  1. Select a document in the “Results List Window”.

  2.  Click  Print  CLI-TruePage to open the “TLOL Suite 3.0 – CLI-TruePage” interface.

  3. The window shows the list of pages in the left-side panel.

    1. Select the required pages by  checking the box against the required page.

    2. If you want to select all the pages,  check the box against Select all pages.

    3.  Click View to preview the content of the selected page(s) in the right panel.

    4.  Click the PrintIcon_01.bmp icon to send the selected page(s) to the printer


  1. Right  click on the selected document in the “Results List Window”.

  2.  Click on the option  Show CLI-TruePage in the “Results List Window”.

Tutorial with video:


1.   T he icon PrintIcon_01.bmp indicates that the document will be printed through the default printer.

2.   The icon Default_print.bmp indicates the default printer.

3.   Separate subscription, activation is required for this module.

4.   This feature is available only for content published by the Company Law Institute of India Pvt Ltd group.

5.   If TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is unable to establish internet connection, a proxy window may appear (See “Internet Settings”).