Welcome to TLOL Suite™ 3.01, the complete reference system for tax and company law, containing content from the most widely referred to journals on direct taxes and company law such as ITR, ITR’s Tribunal Tax Reports, Company Cases and many other popular ones.

TLOL Suite™ 3.0 contains:

(1) Case look up: Subject-wise reference, Section-wise reference, Party-wise reference, links to tax laws and judicial annotations; (2) Direct Tax Acts; (3) Schedules; (4) Notifications & Exemptions: Subject-wise reference and Sec­tion-wise reference; (5) Circulars: Section-wise reference, Text search, etc. (6) Rules; and more.

Context-sensitive help is available every step of the way by choosing the  About  Help. You will probably find it easier to start using TLOL Suite™ 3.0 by referring to the instructions found in“Getting Started” of this man­ual, which shows you how to set up TLOL Suite™ 3.0 for your computer sys­tem.

“TLOL Suite™ 3.0 Basics” gives you an overview of how the contents within TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is organised and the workspace. Understanding the work­space will help you master TLOL Suite™ 3.0 faster.

“Searching under Reports” and “Searching under Statutes and Others” explain the various features within TLOL Suite™ 3.0 and how to use them productively in your work.

“Frequently asked questions” answers some common questions about TLOL Suite™ 3.0’s operation.

“Technical Support” describes technical support options.

This documentation is intended to make all aspects of running TLOL Suite™ 3.0 a simple, straightforward matter.

AboutTaxLawsOnLine.Com Pvt. Ltd.

TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is backed by TaxLawsOnLine.Com Pvt. Ltd. Our manage­ment team has significant legal experience, access to top law firms, law departments and providers, credibility within the legal community, and business-to-business e-commerce experience. Our developers have signifi­cant technical experience to deliver high-end, high-speed data driven solu­tions using cutting edge technology. Expert technical support on all aspects of TLOL Suite™ 3.0, from installation to operation to the underlying con­cepts of law referencing, is available during regular business hours; see “Technical Support” for details.

1.   Previously called ITR Online.