Statutes & Others  Schedules

 Alt + S + S or  Ctrl + H

See Figure 43


 Schedules option allows users to browse or search rules of various schedules as they existed in a year. The following sub-options are available,

Schedules Index

Lists various rules for viewing.

Figure 43: Query cum Results Panel: Schedules: Schedules Index



  1.  Click Schedule Index in the Query-cum-Results Panel. (By default Schedule Index will be open and enabled).

  2. Choose the Act name from the pull-down menu cum Easy-select field.

  3. The selected Act name will be highlighted.

  4. Double  click on the Act name or  click on the > icon against the Act name to view the list of rules.

  5. Double  click the required rule or  click on the > icon against the required rule to view the list of year(s) the rule was amended in.

  6.  Click on the required year to view the content in the “Main Docu­ment Window”. See Figure 8.

Tutorial with video:


To see rule “I” in “Wealth Tax Act, 1957” in the year “1999”:


  1. Choose “Wealth Tax Act, 1957” from the pull-down menu.

  2.  Click on the > icon against the “Wealth Tax Act, 1957” to view list of rules.

  3.  Click on the > icon against rule “I” to view the list of years.

  4.  Click on the year “1999” to view rule “I”.

Text search

Searches the selected Rule for the queried word(s). See Figure 44 

Figure 44: Query cum Results Panel: Schedules: Text Search



  1.  Click Text Search in the Query-cum-Results Panel.

  2. Choose the Act name from the pull-down menu cum Easy-select field displaying greyed Schedules label.

  3.  Click and enter the text in the field displaying greyed Enter text label.

  4.  Click Search to view the results below in the “Results List Window” in the Query-cum-Results Panel.  See Figure 8.

  5.  Click on any item in the Results List to view content containing the given word(s) in the “Main Document Window”. By default the first item in the list will be automatically selected.

Tutorial with video:


To search for the word “assessment” in “Income-Tax Act, 1961”:


  1. Choose “Income-Tax Act, 1961” from the pull-down menu in the Schedules field.

  2.  Click and enter “assessment” in the field displaying the greyed Enter text label.

  3.  Click Search. All the rules found will be displayed with the corre­sponding amendment years in the “Results List Window”.

  4. Select rule “IV” corresponding to year “1971” from the results list to view the content.