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 Alt + R + S + E or  Ctrl + E

See Figure 30


This search applies to: Caselaw, Notifications and Circulars.

Sectionwise search is a tool used to find cases that explicitly refers to a sec­tion of an act.

Figure 30: Query Panel: Sectionwise Search



  1. Select the Act from the pull down menu cum Easy-select field in the Query Panel. A list of available sections will appear in the column below. If you want to search by section,  click the required section and proceed to step 4.   . If you require sub-section wise results, proceed to step 2.   .

  2. If you require results from a different journal, select the appropriate journal tab (See “Journal Selection Tabs”).1

  3. Double  click on the section number or  click on the > icon against the section number to view the list of sub-sections.

  4.  Click on the required sub-section from the list.

  5.  Click Search to view results in the Results Panel. (See “Results Panel”)

If no journal tabs are selected, TLOL Suite™ 3.0 will first search on the jour­nal mentioned in the top-most tab. You may also change journals tab after the search is complete on one, to start the same search on the next.

Tutorial with video:


To see a list of cases referring to section “80” of the “Income Tax Act” of any year:

  1. Choose “Income Tax Act 1961” from the pull down menu.

  2.  Click on the > icon against section “080” from the list.

  3. Choose the journal, if required.

  4.  Click Search to view the list of cases referring to section “080” in the Results Panel.

1.   This search is functional only on journals published by Company Law Institute of India Pvt Ltd group.