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 Alt + R + C or  Ctrl + O

See Figure 24


This search applies to: Caselaw.

Courtwise Search is a tool used to search for cases held in specified court(s) or bench(es).

Figure 24: Query Panel: Courtwise Search



  1. Choose the court name from the list displayed in the Query Panel or use Easy-select and select from the shortened list.

  2. If you require results from a different journal, select the appropriate journal tab (See “Journal Selection Tabs”).

    1. If you want to select a single court, choose the required court name from the list displayed and proceed to step 2.   .

    2. You can also select multiple court names by  checking as many names as you want from the displayed list (See “Multi-select”).

  3.  Click Search to view results of all the cases held in the selected court(s) in the Results Panel. (See “Results Panel”)

If no journal-tabs are selected, TLOL Suite™ 3.0 will first search on the jour­nal mentioned in the top-most tab. You may also change journals tab after the search is complete on one, to start the same search on the next.

Tutorial with video:


To see a list of cases under court “Assam”:

  1. Choose “Assam” from the list of court names displayed, or type  A + S + S in the Easy-select and select the court name “Assam” from the shortened list.

  2. Choose the journal, if required.

  3.  Click Search to view the list of cases held in “Assam” court.