About Content

Caselaw, Statutes, valuable articles, speeches by law makers published since 1931 have been carefully selected, categorised and presented in a manner that is extremely useful to the tax or company-law practitioners. Content within TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is divided into two broad streams.

  1. Reports

  2. Statutes and Others 


Content reported in popular periodicals are presented here with a host of search features aimed at taxation and company law professionals. This is the primary content and will be updated at select intervals through new DVD-media and more regularly online1. Within this section, content is further separated into four streams2 namely, Caselaw, Notification, Circulars and Articles. As you perform your search you can select the journal and the stream3 from which you desire the output. You can also switch streams or journals after the search is complete on one.

Statutes and Others

A major portion of the content here pertains to those not reported in jour­nals/periodicals such as important Acts, Rules, Bills, important speeches etc which have a bearing on tax and company law. A smaller portion pertains to important reported information such as double-taxation agreements and Finance Bills which require frequent access.

1.   Using the Live Update feature. See “Automatic online activation”.

2.   Not all streams are available for all journals.

3.   Notification, Circulars and Articles will only be available on content published by the Company Law Institute of India Pvt Ltd group.