The Activation process is a simple procedure that connects to our licence servers over the internet and validates the current installation of TLOL Suite™ 3.0 to ensure the installation is under a lawfully purchased licence.

Automatic online activation

The activation procedure used in TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is completely transparent and helps licensed users to not only have a trouble-free experience in using one of the best legal referencing system in the market but also provides faster and effortless updates to content. Moreover users who have activated TLOL Suite™ 3.0 automatically can install and use it in up to 2 computer systems simultaneously. It is strongly recommended that users have a per­manent and robust internet connection to take full benefit of TLOL Suite™ 3.0.

Auto activation failure

If TLOL Suite™ 3.0 is unable to access its activation servers check your sys­tem’s internet connection and try again. If you are part of a LAN, please check your proxy settings, dns settings, local and remote firewall. Your sys­tem administrator can help you in this regard.

If your system is still unable to access internet, or you do not have internet access, you may opt for Manual offline activation as a last resort. We strongly recommend auto-activation for the following reasons.

  1. You can change your system anytime without losing your activation.

  2. Automatic data updates requires auto activation.

  3. You can run the product on up to two systems simultaneously.

  4. Activation is immediate and does not require contacting our support desk.

Manual offline activation

Automatic online activation is strongly recommended, if manual activa­tion is the only possible method, please  click Cancel when you see the screen shown in

Figure 1: Activation confirmation window


 Figure 1 and contact our tech support staff who will assist in activating the product. In these cases TLOL Suite™ 3.0 will run with fol­lowing limitations,

  1. TLOL Suite™ 3.0 will run on only one system.

  2. Updates will be made available only on hard media (CD, DVD, etc) only. Automatic data updates will be disabled.

  3. System change/upgrade is not possible without involving support desk.

  4. Activation will last for only three months. Subscribers will have to periodically contact Taxlawsonline support desk to re-activate their product.

  5. If an activated installation is lost for any reason whatsoever, a new license has to be purchased at full cost.