Single User

  1. Place the latest TLOL Suite™ 3.0 media in the DVD drive.

  2. You can update latest data by following either steps a.    and b.    or steps c.    to e.    given below.

    1. Double  click the shortcut icon TLOLS3.bmp on the desktop.

    2. Proceed to step 2.   .

    3. or

    4. Open drive containing TLOL Suite™ 3.0 DVD media.

    5. Double  click on “Setup.exe” (may also appear as Install_32x32.bmp SETUP). Administrator privileges are not required.

    6. Proceed to step 2.   .

  3. A TLOL Suite 3.0 window will appear.

  4.  Click on the  radio button against the option Update TLOL Suite 3.0.


  5.  Click Next to start the update process.

  6. A screen displaying a message “Updating TLOL Suite 3.0” will appear. Please wait till the update is completed.


  7. Once the process is completed, the following message will be dis­played: “Successfully Updated TLOL Suite 3.0”.  Click Next to pro­ceed.


  8. A screen displaying a message “Updation was completed. Please con­tinue to run TLOL Suite 3.0” will appear.



  9.  Click Finish to complete the update process.


Multi-user server

This is applicable only for the Multi-user version of TLOL Suite™ 3.0. Please ensure you are running the update process only on the system containing server installation.

  1. Follow steps 1.    to 8.    given under Single User in “Update”.

Multi-user Node

Data updates are not required on the nodes.

  1. Follow the steps given under Single User, except step 5.   , in  “Update”.