TLOL Suite™ 3.0 comes with a complete online help system that makes con­tinuous learning about new features a simple matter.

Further this section contains information that will help the TLOL Suite™ 3.0 user know about the status of his product and the features that are available and activated in the current installation.

TLOL Suite 3.0 help

  Help  TLOL suite 3.0 help

 Alt + H + T or  F1

See Figure 78


Throughout TLOL Suite™ 3.0, press  F1 to get help describing the section of the program you are using.

Figure 78: TLOL Suite 3.0 help window when you are in the referencewise section



You may also open help window by  clicking on  Help  TLOL suite 3.0 help. This window displays all help topics which generally are the same name as the command they describe. The help function handles like any other Windows™ help function.

Figure 79: TLOL Suite™ 3.0 help main window



  1.  Click on Search.

  2. Enter the word in the field displayed below.

  3.  Click on GO.

  4. Select the required topic from the list to view its contents.

  5. To view the entered word highlighted,  check the box against the option Highlight search result.

  6. When you are done looking at the help text, press  Alt + F4 or  click outside of the help box to continue.

Video Demos1

Embedded videos may be available within the TLOL Suite 3.0 help under the “Tutorial” topics.

Live Demo41

  Help  Live Demo

 Alt + H + L or  F2

See Figure 80


This feature shows a video demo on using TLOL Suite™ 3.0 and the working of various search tools within TLOL Suite™ 3.0. To view a video demonstra­tion for a particular function,  click on its name in the left panel to see the video on the right.

Figure 80: Live Demo




  1.  Click  Help  Live Demo to view the working of the search tools.

About Us

  Help  About Us

 Alt + H + A + B or  F3

See Figure 81


This feature displays all the details and the relevant information about TaxLawsOnLine.Com Pvt. Ltd.

Figure 81: About Us




  1.  Click  Help   About Us to view details.

Account Details

  Help  Account Details

 Alt + H + A + C or  F4

See Figure 82


This feature displays details of the user’s account and status of various fea­tures.

Figure 82: Account Details



 The following information is available:

  1.  Click on  Help  Account Details to open a window displaying the details.

Activate/Upgrade TLOL Suite 3.0

  Help   Activate/Upgrade TLOL Suite 3.0

 Alt + H + A + T or  F5

See Figure 83


This feature is used to Activate or Upgrade the product features.

Figure 83: Activate/Upgrade TLOL Suite 3.0



Users can at any time activate new features or content when the need arises.

  1.  Click  Help   Activate/Upgrade TLOL Suite 3.0.

  2.  Click Yes to upgrade the product key in the window that appears.2 

1.   Requires Adobe™ Flash Player™

2.   TLOL Suite 3.0 will close automatically on  clicking Yes